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Alu Ranger 4221 L2R e Alu Bender per lavorare Alucobond

Nel mese di ottobre 2013 abbiamo ricevuto in visita una delegazione composta da tecnici di una ditta Croata Alu-Kon con sede a Zagabria. 

La richiesta iniziale fu di poter vedere in opera un Centro di Lavoro per la lavorazione di pannelli compositi ACM per la realizzazione di facciate.

In data 27 ottobre 2013 la ditta Alu-Kon d.o.o. presso Donja Zelina in Croatia ha ufficializzato l'acquisto di un Centro di Lavoro Verticale 4221 L2R e di una Fresatrice-piegatrice Alu Bender di nostra produzione.

In data 9 gennaio riceviamo una loro email dove esprimono il loro pensiero sulla nostra tecnologia.


We were in the need to buy a CNC machine to process Alucobond. Our agent recommended that we visit Samec-Casadei and another company in the same region.

We were not sure whether to buy a horizontal or vertical machine so in end of September 2013 we went to San Marino.
When we arrived to Samec-Casadei we were welcomed by Mr. Antonio who explained everything to us, starting with differences (advantages) of vertical over horizontal machine, how the machines were made and where every component came from. We also saw a demonstration on ALURANGER: it worked flawlessly.

To every question we had we got a very professional and extremely clear answer  from Antonio and Silvano.
After our visit to the factory we visited the other production plants of Samec-Casadei where we saw Alu-bender, simple to use, yet very usefull machine that we didn't think we would need when we left from our company to San Marino. It turn out that the machine was so simple and affordable that it was definitely a good investment. 


After Samec-Casadei we visited the other company in the region and saw first hand all the advantages of vertical over horizontal machine, and also Aluranger from Samec turned out to be far better product regarding hardware and software implementation.

Next day, we returned to Samec Casadei and saw some other options. The machine we saw the first day had many functions that we don't need, and was to expensive for our needs, so we turned our attention to a "less expensive” model that had everything we need, though,  for a price that met our budget constrains.
We got a very good price for both ALU-RANGER and ALU-BENDER, and our entire visit to Samec-Casadei was very informative and very pleasant so we made a deal.
 The machine arrived exactly on time like it was agreed, and an engineer (Mr. Silvano) came to install it according to plan.

Installation went smooth and Mr. Silvano taught 2 of our engineers how to work in software (ASPAN) and on the machine, and two of the workers to operate the machine.
Silvano's instructions were very easy to learn, so after 4 days of training we knew everything that we need to operate the machine.
Since than, we started the production for a big product, and machine has been working 24 hours a day making panels of supreme quality, and speeding up our production process enormously.  
The machine is so simple to use and so fast that our production in one day now exceeds installation in four days on the construction site, and we have 30 worker on the construction, and only 6 on ALU-RANGER.
It was a great experience and huge help to buy a machine from SAMEC-CASADEI and if we will have a need for some other machine we will go to the same place for it.


Dragutin Frljak, mag. ing. mech.
Alu-kon d.o.o.

Commercial manager/techical preparation

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