Automatic Edgebanders



Chain panel feeder with rubber pads

  • Feed speed 7 m/min
  • Top bar with double row of rubber rollers adjustable in height

Logic functioning  controlled by PLC

  • Thermostatic glue control with automatic standby and temperature indicator
  • Complete automation control of the various operating units from the encoder located on the transmission system for panel feeding
  • Diagnostics system with messages for machine use and maintenance
  • Statistical operating data: total hours of machine use, total and partial metres of edges used.

2 free spaces available for finishing units

  • Edge scraper: perfect edge finishing, even in backlight
  • Glue scraper: removes glue residues, guaranteeing perfect panel finishing
  • Buffing unit: which polishes, giving uniformity to the colour of the edge where it has been processed
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Advantages and benefits

Maximum finishing quality

  • Chain feeding system
  • Pre-milling
  • 2 free spaces for finishing units

High performance

  • 7 m/min feed speed
  • 45 mm panel height
  • 3 mm edge coils

Minimum space occupied

  • 2,3 m length

Easy to use

  • unit settings with a piece of edge
  • easy and intuitive use of machine


Technical data

Min./max. panel height: min 8 - max 45 mm

Min./max. edge thickness:  0,4 - 3 mm (coils) / 0,4 – 5 mm (strips)

Panel width: min. 95 mm

Panel length (side being processed): min. 210 mm

Panel feed speed: 7 m/min

Pre-milling motors (each): 200 Hz – 12.000 rpm – 0,75 kW

Glue pot heating element: 1315 W – 6 cartridges

End trimming blade rotation speed: 9.000 rpm

End trimming motor: 50 Hz – 0,18 kW

Flush trimming motors (each): 200 Hz – 12.000 rpm – 0,37 kW

Cutterblocks with combined WIDIA disposable Knives (radius/bevelled):
ø 75 mm Z4 – hole ø 16 mm (r=2 - 3 mm)

Total power installed: 5 kW approx.

Weight:  420 kg approx.

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