• CNC Machining Centres

CNC Machining Centres

Our Vertical Machining Centres have been conceived to satisfy various types of needs on different markets we aim at. Particular attention has been made to easy use, safety, ergonomics and productivity.


The Vertical Machining Centres have a wide variety of features which allow remarkable flexibility.


The very little space occupied, the reliability of the units and components make these Vertical Machining Centres a solution at 360° for all needs of cutting, sizing, milling and drilling with high accuracy, which is necessary for modern workshops or the atelier or designer ateliers where prototypes are created.


The specialization and experience allow our Vertical Machining Centres to be used in different fields other than that of the wood one. 


Plastic panels, composites, nonferrous composites, plastic laminate can easily and efficiently be transformed.


The range of the Vertical Machining Centres is widely completed with a series of complementary machines (loaders, benders, edgebanders, profilers etc..).