A complete videogallery at your disposal to show how our Automatic Edgebanders and our Vertical CNC Router are working. This section is updated regularly since our customers are continuosly asking for demo videos on the different processes on different materials.

  • PURE glueing unit Casadei Industria 2019

  • E550 PMCR Automatic Edgebander Casadei Industria 2019

  • PURE glueing unit Casadei Industria 2019

  • E321 Automatic Edgebander Casadei Industria

  • Space

    How our CNC Panel Router SAVES space
  • Alu Loader

    Automatic loading machine for ACM aluminum composite panels. Allows the loading of panels using ONE PERSON ONLY.
  • K60 PM

    Edgebander with chain feeding and Pre-milling Unit
  • Composite steel routing

    The video shows the processing of a iron composite panel with our Vertical CNC Router. The automatic lubrication system allows to obtain good results at a resonable working speed.
  • Multi Ranger RS 4221

    The Multi Ranger RS 4221 can execute drilling, routing, and kerfing in a long list of different materials like Acrylics, Polycarbonates, Nylon, PVC, compact PVC etc
  • Milling of the edge of HPL boards on Alu Bender

    Milling of the edge of HPL (TRESPA® - Polyrey®) using the front of the milling cutterhead mounted on Alu Bender. This milling allows to remove the bad cuts made by old or no longer sharpen saws on HPL boards edges.
  • Automatic Edgebander K330

    Automatic Edgebander (ULTRACOMPACT) with glue pot and end trimmer with circular saw. At the end finishig unit like flush trimmer and buffing.
  • Alu Loader for ACM panels

    The Alu Loader is a clever and easy to use machine. It allows ONE SINGLE PERSON to load big ACM boards ALONE.
  • Making a chair on Multi Ranger 4221 using KERFING

    The combination of saw and router allows the Multi Ranger to realize chairs and furnitures with KERFING. Absolute liberty to create and high precision are basic functions available on our Multi Ranger RS 4221.
  • Covering the core of ACM boards (aluminium composites)

    In this video you can see how it is possible to cover the edges of alu composite boards in a fast and easy way keeping an high grade of precision. The video show how easy it is and the speed of processing.
  • Vacuum reducing strategy on Vertical CNC Router

    This video show how our Vertical CNC Routers can reduce the vacuum hold right after the process to avoid the falling down on the floor. Thanks to this feature the downloading of the panel is safer and easier.
  • KC 50 Photo Foam for extruded polycarbonates boards

    The KC 50 Photo Foam cleans the extruded polycarbonates boards chamber with a compressed air blow. Then it applies a transpiring edge on the panel to avoid condensation of air and to avoid bug to enter.
  • Kerfing on Multi Ranger RS 4221

    Kerfing is an easy task for the Multi Ranger series of machines. The indipendent and dedicated head with circular saw can perform kerfing on panels. After the kerning without downloading the panels the automatic router can perform curves and complex forms. In this way the kerfing and the routing are perfectly aligned.